Displays the temperature conversion chart on the screen, C/C++ Programming

Write a program that displays the following temperature conversion chart on the screen as follows below.

Hint: c = 5.0/9.0 * (f - 2)

C = degrees in Celsius

F = degree in Fahrenheit


Fahrenheit                      Celsius


0                                    -17.68

20                                    -6.67

40                                     4.44

...                                       ...

...                                       ...

300                                  148.89

using namespace std;
int main  (  )


int fahrenheit  =  0;
float celsius;

cout<<"fahrenheit  \tcelsius"<

cout<<"***              ***"<


celsius  =  5.0/9.0  *  (fahrenheit  -  32);


}  // end of while
return  0;

}  // end of main

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