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Wireless Phone Company (WLPC) is a provider of wireless phone service in the US with 100,000 customers serving mostly small markets. WLPC has just purchased additional airwaves in the US, Canada and Mexico. They are expecting to win bids on airwaves in Eastern Europe, India and China. Because WLPC is serving the smaller markets, they have not invested in online billing and payment. With the expected growth and the larger markets, WLPC management has decided they need to offer customers the ability to review their airtime usage and bills as well as pay the bills online. You are a software engineer for WLPC online site and have been tasked by WLPC management to lead the team responsible for requirement elicitation and analysis, design, test and creating software development project plan.

Your Software Test Specification (STS) assignment submission must contain:

1. Test approach: Discuss your strategy to test WLPC system.

2. Test environment description: Describe your WLPC testing environment.

3. White box test case(s): Provide at least one white box test cases for each of at least three WLPC system components (In total at least three white box test cases are expected)

4. Black box test case(s): Provide at least one black box test cases for each of at least three WLPC system components (In total at least three black box test cases are expected)

5. Requirements tracing from the SS/SRS: Include requirements traceability matrix to trace (verify coverage of) your white and black box test cases to the requirements from SS/SRS

6. Formal document structure based on an industry standard, including title page, TOC, references

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