Discuss the impact of "information era", Software Engineering

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Question 1 Discuss the impact of "information era"
Question 2 Explain whether the linear sequential model of the software process is an accurate reflection of software development activities or not
Question 3 Why it is inappropriate to use reliability metrics, which were developed for hardware systems in estimating software system reliability? Illustrate your answer with example
Question 4 Explain why it is necessary to design the system architecture before the specifications are written
Question 5 Discuss the difference between object oriented and function oriented design strategies
Question 6 Explain why a software system which is used in a real-world environment must change or become progressively less useful
Question 7 Explain why regression testing is necessary
                  How automated testing tools can assist with this type of testing
Question 8 Explain how back-to-back testing may be used to test critical system with replicated software
Question 9 Write a note on Software Testing Strategy
Question 10 Discuss whether it is possible for engineers to test their own programs in an objective

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