Discuss the criteria of the evaluation framework, Econometrics

Question 1:

Explain the main drivers of globalisation and ascertain whether they have helped to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor countries.

Question 2:

Discuss the four criteria of the evaluation framework. Please provide concrete examples to ascertain their importance.

Question 3:

‘One of the main reason for the choice of a joint venture as a mode of entry is that a joint venture substantially alleviates the problem of differing culture, language and legal system amongst other things'.

Given the above, discuss the benefits and costs of using a joint venture as a mode of entry into a foreign county.

Question 4:

"The eclectic paradigm combines elements of quite different approaches to international production, and so it should not be misunderstood as itself another general theory: ‘precisely because of its generality, the eclectic paradigm has only limited power to explain or predict particular kinds of international production; and even less the behaviour of individual enterprises,'"(Dunning, 1988a).

Question 5:

Discuss the benefits and costs of joining a Regional Trade Agreement.

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