Discuss how the law deals with computer crime, Business Law and Ethics

Question 1:

(a) A contract is valid as soon as the parties agree on its terms. According to you, is this statement correct? Justify your answer with the relevant enactment/caselaw.

(b) What principles must someone keep in mind when dealing with personal data?

Question 2:

To what extent Intellectual Property Rights are afforded protection in the Mauritian Context?

Question 3:

"The diversity of criminal activities associated with computers is remarkable". Discuss how the law deals with computer crime.

Question 4:

Analyse the extent to which the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 has implemented the UNCITRAL model law on electronic commerce in Mauritius.

Question 5:

a) What marks cannot be registered?
b) Which practices are qualified as unfair by the Mauritian legislator?
c) Can an electronic message be validly used as evidence?

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