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Cheques vs credit cards, Cheques vs Credit Cards       E-cheques:  E-ch...

Cheques vs Credit Cards       E-cheques:  E-cheques are used for business dealing in e-commerce.  Transactions of these cheques take place on Internet. In this system the elect

What is rambus dram, Q. What is Rambus DRAM? RDRAM which was developed ...

Q. What is Rambus DRAM? RDRAM which was developed by Rambus has been adopted by Intel for its Pentium and Itanium processors. It has become main competitor to SDRAM. RDRAM chip

Information system for strategic advantage, Q. Describe short note on Infor...

Q. Describe short note on Information system for strategic advantage? Ans. Strategic role of information systems engage using information technology to develop products or serv

Java, mine sweeper algorithm.

mine sweeper algorithm.

Calculate blocking probability in a two stage network, In a two stage netwo...

In a two stage network there are 512 inlets and outlets, r=s=24. If the probability that a given inlet is active is 0.8, calculate: Blocking probability Given: N =M =512,

Different types of layers in tcp/ip protocol stack, What are the different ...

What are the different types of layers in TCP/IP protocol stack? Layers into the TCP/IP protocol architecture are as given below: • Application Layer, • Host-to-Host Tra

Advantages and disadvantage of message passage programming, Q. Advantages a...

Q. Advantages and Disadvantage of Message Passage Programming? Advantages of Message Passage Programming     Portable It is less error prone Offers excellent

Full form of www, What do you understand by WWW WWW: The World Wide ...

What do you understand by WWW WWW: The World Wide is an architectural framework for accessing linked documents increase out over thousands of machines all over the world. It

Characteristics and features of client/server computing, What are the chara...

What are the characteristics and features of Client/Server Computing? Several of client/server computing architecture is listed below: a. It comprises a networked webs of sm

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