Differentiate between function oriented design, Software Engineering

Q. Differentiate between function oriented design and object oriented design.

Ans. Function oriented design:- Function oriented design strategy relies on decayed the system into a set of interacting functions with a centralized system state shared by these functions. Functions may as well maintain local state information but only for the duration of their execution. Function oriented design obscure the details of an algorithm in a function but system state information isn't hidden.

Object oriented design:-Object oriented design change the analysis model created using object-oriented analysis into a design model that serves as a blueprint for software construction. It is a design strategy basis on information hiding. Object oriented design is apprehensive with developing an object-oriented model of a software system to implement the identified requirements. Object oriented design set up a design blueprint that enables a software engineer to define object oriented architecture in a manner that maximizes reuse thus improving development speed and end product quality.

Object oriented design V/s function oriented design-

  • Unlike function oriented design methods in OOD the essential abstractions are not real world function such as display, sort, track etc. but real world units such as picture, employee, machine etc.
  • In OOD state information isn't represented in a centralized shared memory but is distributed among the objects of the system.


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