Different ways for representing s graph, Data Structure & Algorithms

What are the different ways by which we can represent graph?  Represent the graph drawn below using those ways.




The different ways by which we can representgraph are:

Adjacency list representation: This representation of graph comprises of an array Adj of |V| lists, one for each vertex in V. For each uεV, the adjacency list Adj[u] comprises of all the vertices v such that there is an edge (u,v E that is Adj[u] comprises of all the vertices adjacent to u in G. The vertices in each adjacency list are stored out in an arbitrary order. The adjacency list representation of given graph is depicted in the figure drawn below:


Adjacency Matrix representation: This representation consists of the |V|*|V| matrix

A= (aij) such that



The adjacency matrix representation of given graph is as follows:


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