Difference between sam and active directory, Operating System

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(a) Write down short notes on the different versions of Windows server 2003 mentioned


1. Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
2. Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
3. Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
4. Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition.

(b) Write down a short note on the difference between SAM and Active Directory.

(c) Like many operating systems, Windows uses an object-oriented design. A request for a resource ultimately becomes a request for an object. In this environment, an object is an individual attribute and its value that define the object as well as a list of related operations that can be performed on the object. Every component of the Windows operating environment including printers, groups, and server processes cannot be treated as an object. Each object is an independent entity with its own configuration and responsibilities. This is necessary because objects can be shared or accessed by more than one process. The object's identification is a combination of its type and its instance. The object's type is made up of the attributes and services it supports, whereas its instance notes which particular entity of the specific type is being referenced.

Write down how far you are agreeable with this statement.

(d) Write down short notes on each of the following with reference to Active Directory

  • ? Domains
  • ? Organisation Unit
  • ? Sites
  • ? User and Machine Groups
  • ? Group Policies.


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