Difference between other eukaryotic cells , Biology

Difference between other eukaryotic cells ?

Cell Wall :  In addition to the presence of photosynthetic plastids, another significant difference between other eukaryotic cells and plant cells is that plants secrete a rigid cell wall around their cell membranes. This surrounding wall consists primarily of two layers of overlapping cellulose fibers. The outer, primary cell wall layer is formed during the growth period, and the inner, secondary cell wall layer is usually formed to the inside of the primary cell wall after the full size of the primary wall is attained.

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Cell walls often contain lignin, a material that stiffens the wall and contributes to the support function. The cell walls of two adjacent cells are cemented together by a pectin substance called the middle lamella. Intercellular spaces develop between cells to provide channels for gas exchange.

Fungi also have cell wallssimilar to plants, but their walls are composed of a different complex sugar, or polysaccharide, called chitin.

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