Difference between module coupling and module collection, Software Engineering

Q. What is the difference between module coupling and module collection? List different types of coupling and cohesion.

Ans: Cohesion is the property of a single module as well as can be described as glue that keeps the data elements within a single module together. While defining we should aim for high cohesion. Diverse kinds of cohesion are:

1) Coincidental Cohesion

2) Logical Cohesion

3) Temporal Cohesion

4) Communicational Cohesion

5) Sequential Cohesion

6) Functional Cohesion

7) Procedural Cohesion

Coupling alternatively is the measure of dependence among modules. A designer must try for minimum coupling. Different types of coupling are:

1) Content Coupling

2) Common Coupling

3) Control Coupling

4) Stamp Coupling

5) Data Coupling

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