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(a) Lucky Corporation is considering an investment in one of the two mutually exclusive proposals: Project A which involves an initial outlay of Rs 170,000 and Project B which has an outlay of Rs 150,000. The Certainty Equivalent Approach is employed in computing risky investments. The current yield on treasury bills is 0.05 and the company uses this as the riskless rate. The evaluated values of net cash flows with their respective certainty equivalents are:

1804_Determine the expected return.png


i. Which Project could be acceptable to the company?
ii. Justify which Project is riskier?
iii. If the company was to use the risk adjusted discount rate method, which Project could be analysed with higher rate?

(b) If the required rate is 10 percent, evaluate the present value of the cash flow streams detailed below:

I. Rs 100 at the end of year 1.
II. Rs 100 at the end of year 4.
III. Rs 100 at the end of year 3 and year 5.
IV. Rs 100 for the next 10 years ( for years 1 through 10).

(c) Miss. Kiran has in her possession 300 preference shares of Cintex company Ltd, which currently sells for Rs 400 per share and pays an annual dividend of Rs 34 per share.

I. Determine Miss Kiran's expected return.
II. If Miss Kiran needs an 8 per cent return, given the price, should she sell or buy more stock.

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