Determine solutions to the given equation or inequality, Mathematics

Illustrates that the following numbers aren't solutions to the given equation or inequality.

y = -2 in 3( y + 1) = 4 y - 5


In this case in essence we do the same thing that we did in the earlier example.  Plug the number in and illustrates that this time it doesn't satisfy the equation. For equations which will mean that the right side of the equation will not equivalent to the left side of the equation.

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   - 3 ≠ -13     NOT OK

Thus, -3 is not the similar as -13 and thus the equation isn't satisfied. Thus to the equation y= -2 isn't a solution

Now, there is no cause to think that a given equation or inequality will just have a single solution.  Actually, as the first example illustrated the inequality 2 ( z - 5) ≤ 4z has at least two solutions.  Also, you may have noticed that x = 3 is not the only solution to x2 - 9 = 0 .  In this case x = -3 is also solution.

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