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You are going on a road trip and you buy snack packs and three different kind of beverages.  You buy 7 Cokes, 5 Pepsis and 4 Dr. Peppers.  You pull out two beverages at random.  Answer the questions in the quiz. A Tree will come in handy.  Remember that these are not equally likely events  PLEASE DO NOT REDUCE ANY ANSWERS./

1.  At a train wreck in New Jersey, 47 victims had to be transported to local hospitals. The FEMA ambulance/busses they used carry four patients at one time. How many different combinations of patients can be transported?

2.  Given the 14 unique symbols found on an Egyptian tomb, how many ways could you arrange them in a row if repetition is not allowed?

3.  Refer to the DATA document on fasteners. What is the probability of picking out a machine screw (MS) given that it is brass (B)?

4.  You are playing cards with a standard 52 card deck. Three cards are dealt to you in a row. What is the probability that all three will be face cards, i.e., Kings, Jacks, Queens?

5.  Given the letter set {F-L-U-O-R-I-N-E}, how many three letter groups could you make if the end letters have to be vowels? (these three-letter "groups" do not have to make any sense.) Repetition is not permitted.

6.  Referring to the DATA document on fasteners, what is the probability of picking a brass screw given that it is a Flat Head Wood Screw (FHWS)

7.  Referring to the DATA document on fasteners, what is the probability of picking three brass fasteners in a row? (of course repetition is not allowed)

8.  Referring to the DATA document on Administrators, what is the probability of picking a high school administrator given that s(he) is from Trumansburg

9.  Refer to Silent Auction Information. What is the probability that they will all be the same metal?

10.  Refer to Silent Auction Information. What is the probability that each one will be a different metal?

11.  Refer to Silent Auction Information. What is the probability that none of the rings will be gold OR silver?

12.  Three fair dice are shaken and rolled onto a table. What is the probability that all three dice will display an odd number of spots on their top faces?

13. Given that E and F are mutually exclusive events with the P(E) = 0.3 and the P(F) = 0.6, calculate the intersection of E and F.

14.  Alexia bought little bags of nuts to take on her bus trip. She had two bags of cashews, three of pecans and three of pine nuts. If she pulls out two bags at random (without replacement) what is the probability that they will be different kinds of nuts?

15.  The game of "Bunco" is played with three standard dice. "Bunco" occurs when all three dice show the same number of spots. What is the probability of tossing a "Bunco" on the first toss of the dice?

16. Given the delivery history for Acme Manufacturing (see data page) what is the probability that a delivery will be late?

17.  Jason plans to have his Jag custom painted. He wants the body painted either black or red. The trim can be white, orange or yellow. The hood flame orange or ivory. How many color combinations does Jason have to choose from?

18.  EMTs respond to an "overdose" call. Upon arrival, they find five prescription drugs on the kitchen table labeled A, B, C, D, E. Only the A-D pair is lethal. If the patient took three drugs, what is the probability that s(he) ingested a lethal pair? (A tree is essential to complete this problem. Use a full sheet of paper held vertically.)

19.  In how many ways can an photographer arrange her fourteen photo assignments in a row on the exhibit wall?

20.  Commercial radio station call letters are composed of four letters* of the English alphabet (such as WABC). Stations located east of the Mississippi must start with W. How many different 4-letter radio station call letters are possible? Repetition is permitted. *in early radio, only three were necessary such as WOR.



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