Determine centigrade equivalent for a temperature, Mathematics

1. 10-2 is equal to

2. If 3n = 27, what is the value of (4n) + 1

3. What is 1/100 of 10000?

4. The formula C=5/9 x (F-32) converts Centigrade temperature from Fahrenheit. What is the Centigrade equivalent for a temperature of 113 deg on the Fahrenheit scale?

5. You are travelling at 100 knots. How far will you travel in 45 minutes?

6. Your fuel flow is 44 lbs per hour. How much fuel will you burn in 45 minutes?

7. You have 490 lbs of fuel on board. How much fuel will you have left after flying for 37 minutes at a fuel flow of 200 lbs per hour?

8. You are 125 nm from your destination and travelling at 100 knots ground speed. If you have 129 lbs of fuel on board and a present fuel flow of 45 lb per hour. How much fuel will you have left at your destination?

9. In order to reach a building 99 metres tall a fireman's ladder has to be increased by 32 % of its length.

How long was it?

10. The rudder of an aircraft broke off. The part that broke off represented 2/5 of the rudders total length. A piece 6 feet long was left intact. What was the length of the part that broke off?

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