Determine best estimates of the population mean and variance, Applied Statistics


(a) A normal distribution is thought to have a mean of 50. A random sample of 100 gave a mean of 52.6 and a standard deviation of 14.5. A significance test was carried out at the 5% level to verify an increase in the population mean. By letting the population mean to be µ and population variance to be , σ2

(i) formulate the hypothesis for the problem,
(ii) calculate a 95% confidence interval for µ.

Using the standard test statistic the null hypothesis is rejected at the 5% level of confidence.

(iii) Explain what is meant here, paying particular attention to the level of significance.

(iv) What would be your conclusion at the 10% level of significance?

(b) During an experiment the following data is collected from a sample of size 15,


Determine the best estimates of the population mean and variance.

(c) A company manager wanted to predict the production cost( ), in thousand of rupees, of an item by the number of items produced (y
x ), in thousands. A least squares regression model of the form x y 966 . 0 1 . 20 + = is obtained based on available data.

(i) Use the model to estimate the production cost when x = 69.

(ii) Given that x = 42.147, calculate y.

(iii) Interpret the coefficient of x.

(iv) The correlation coefficient, r = 0.997. Conclude on the relationship between x and y.

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