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Determine about the Locator Devices


A mouse is small hand-held box used to position the screen cursor. Wheels or rollers on the bottom of the mouse can be used to record the amount and direction of movement. An optical sensor can also be used to detect the mouse motion. For using it, the mouse is moved over a special mouse pad that has a grid of horizontal and vertical lines. Movements across the lines in the grid are detected by the optical sensor.

Since a mouse can be picked up and put down at another position without change in cursor movement, it is used for making relative changes in the position of the screen cursor. For signaling the execution of some operations, different types of buttons are included on the top of the mouse. Most general-purpose graphics systems now include a mouse and a keyboard as the major input devices. Additional devices can be included in the basic mouse design to increase the number of allowable input parameters.

The Z mouse includes three buttons, a thumbwheel on the side, a trackball on the top, and a standard mouse ball underneath. This design provides six degrees of freedom to select spatial positions, rotations and other parameters. With the Z mouse, we can pick up an object, rotate it, and move it in any direction, or we can navigate our viewing position and orientation through a three-dimensional scene. Applications of the Z mouse included virtual reality, CAD and animation.


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