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What you see below are the CCB MBA Learning Goals for MBA students. These are the learning goals which each of you track within the ePortfolio system. For each of the 6 goals or standards below, type up 2-3 sentences indicating how this goal/standard was covered (or not) within this MIS650 class. Note, the goal of this class was not to cover each of these goals/standards equally so don't expect that to happen. It is possible that one or more of the goals/standards was not covered. In your answer, list 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, etc., to represent question 3, section 1 for 3-1, etc. (2 points each times 6 goals/standards = 12 points total)
Standard: CCB MBA Standards

Global Awareness

Demonstrate an understanding of the problems, potential, realities, and constraints of doing business in an interconnected, global world. Recognize and critically analyze the role of the economic, political, and cultural domains in global business.

Problem Solving: Rational/Analytical Thinking

Demonstrate the ability to think systematically and logically, to use analysis, interpretation, evaluation, inference, and explanation to examine reasons and evidence for sound objective decisions and resolutions to complex, ill-structured problems.

Ethical Reasoning

Demonstrate an ability to think critically about ethical issues, to analyze and evaluate situations from opposing ethical perspectives, and to understand social responsibility as an ethical or ideological theory that corporations and organizations have a responsibility to society.

Written Communications

Demonstrate the technical skills and craftsmanship needed to develop professional written business communication that present useful, accurate information, elicit audience interest, effectively convey the intended message, and demonstrate competence with use of the English language.

Information Literacy / Technology

Demonstrate the ability to search for, analyze, and identify useful and accurate information, and to use it effectively for an intended purpose. Demonstrate an understanding of the effect of technology on business. Use current word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications, as well as the Internet and presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint).

Name Management of a Business Enterprise

Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of each of the functional domains of business enterprises, understanding of the interdependency existing among them, and analyze business strategies that leverage the competencies of each.

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