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(a) An internal audit program (or schedule ) is prepared taking into consideration ‘the status and importance of the various processes and areas.' With reference to examples explain clearly this statement.

(b) During the audit of a seafarers training school the external auditor found that the school was not able to conduct any course since June 2009 due to lack of personnel. Further organizations involved in maritime activities, were unable to get their personnel trained in basic safety, which is necessary for anyone going at sea. They have officially voiced out their complaints but no concrete action has been taken to remedy the situation. Analyse the above incident. It is a situation for either a non-conformity or a negative observation.

(i) If you think it is a non-conformity, state if it is a major or minor one. Justify your answer.

(ii) If your answer to (i) is positive, design and fill a non-conformity form, otherwise fill an observation form.

(iii) ‘A non-conformity is an opportunity for improvement.' Discuss this statement.

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