Design a game in c, C/C++ Programming

Design a game in c:

const DODGERS = 0;

const GIANTS = 1;


void main(void)


   int scoreboard [2][9];    // An array two rows by nine columns

   int team, inning;

   int score, total;


   randomize();              // Initialize random number generator


   // Generate the scores

   for (team = DODGERS; team <= GIANTS; team++) {

      for (inning = 0; inning < 9; inning++) {

         score = random(3);

         if (score == 2)             // 1/3 chance to score at least a run

            score = random(3) + 1;   // 1 to 3 runs

         if (score == 3)

            score = random(7) + 1;   // Simulates chance of a big

                                     // inning of 1 to 7 runs

         scoreboard[team][inning] = score;




   // Print the scores

   cout << "\nInning\t1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  Total\n";

   cout << "Dodgers\t";

   total = 0;

   for (inning = 0; inning <= 8; inning++) {

      score = scoreboard[DODGERS][inning];

      total += score;

      cout << score << "   ";


   cout << total << "\n";


   cout << "Giants\t";

   total = 0;

   for (inning = 0; inning < 9; inning++) {

      score = scoreboard[GIANTS][inning];

      total += score;

      cout << score << "   ";


   cout << total << "\n" ;




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