Describe unemployment and types of unemployment, Other Subject

Question 1:

During the past few decades, women's representation in a wide range of occupations has increased in Mauritius but discrimination on the basis of gender is still a matter of concern in the labour market as women and men do not progress at the same rate in quite a large number of occupations.

How far do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and provide examples to illustrate your understanding.

Question 2:

Trade unions will play either defensive or more transformative roles. Show the roles of trade unions in regulating workplace relations.

Question 3:

Durkheim labeled modern society as ‘organic and traditional society as mechanical'.

(a) Differentiate between the two kinds of societies.
(b) Discuss Durkheim's concept of anomie in relation to work.

Question 4:

Provide an account of the changing nature of work in Mauritius since early 1970s.

Question 5:

(i) Describe unemployment and describe two types of unemployment.

(ii) Show the effects of unemployment on the individual and on the family.

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