Describe the types of hazards that is found in z department, Financial Management

Z works for HS Company and has been asked to undertake an assessment of any health and safety issues that might be potential hazards in the department which she manages. Z's response was that she did not see the require to undertake the assessment as her department only had computers and a photocopier and she did not see what hazards they could cause.  Z felt that her time would be better spent delivering company objectives as that would be more cost beneficial.

Describe the types of hazards that may be found in Z's department.

HS should be aware of employer's responsibilities for health and safety, for instance, making sure that all work practices are safe and that the work environment is safe and healthy. Staff should also be correctly briefed on health and safety hazards, procedures and the use of any defensive equipment, if appropriate. The types of hazard that might be found contains:

Mechanical hazards

Z would require to consider hazards like filing cabinets that could tip when heavily laden.  Cables trailing across the office floors pose the threat of tripping accidents.

Physical hazards

Z would require to consider glare or reflections from screens or hot components of photocopiers.  Z needs to ensure that the department has no poorly designed chairs as these do not give the user with adequate back support.

Chemical hazards

Z would require to consider vapours in the atmosphere, for instance paint solvents or airborne particles like photocopier toner.

Electrical hazards

Z would require to consider hazards such as damaged electrical cables or overloaded power points that might be lead to risk of electric shock.  


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