Describe the properties of x-rays, Physics

(i)  X-rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelength lie among 0.1Å - 100Å.

(ii)  X-rays is invisible.

(iii) They always go in a straight line with speed of light.

(iv) X-rays take no charge so they are not deflected in magnetic field and electric field.

 (v) They ionise the gases

(vi)  X-rays do not go by heavy metals and bones.

(vii) Long period of time to X-rays is injurious for human body.

(viii  For X-ray photography of human parts, BaSO4 is the great absorber.

(ix)  They give Compton Effect and photoelectric effect

(x)  These cannot be used in Radar because of they are not reflected by the target.


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