Describe the health effects of ionising radiation, Other Subject

Question 1:

(a) What are the physical and biological differences between ionising and non ionising radiations?

(b) (i) Describe the health effects of ionising radiation.

(ii) How can we prevent the health effects of ionising radiation?

(c) Name five sources of occupational exposure to:

(i) Laser radiation

(ii)Radiofrequency fields and microwave

(d) State in brief the health effects of: (i) Laser radiation

(ii) Radiofrequency fields and microwave

Question 2:

(a) Give the meanings of the two terms "HIV" and "AIDS"

(b) How is HIV/AIDS transmitted?

(c) Mention three ways in which HIV is not transmitted

(d) What are the main provisions of the HIV/AIDS Act and ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS?

(e) How can the disease be prevented in hospitals?

Question 3:

(a) What are the main physical properties of mercury?

(b) In which specific occupations can workers be exposed to lead?

(c) How do heavy metals penetrate into the body of workers?

(d) What are the modes of toxicity of lead in the body of workers?

(e) State four health effects of exposure to Organic mercury

(f) Name two diseases caused by cadmium poisoning

(g) How can we prevent occupational diseases among workers exposed to heavy metals?

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