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Q. Describe about Second Generation Computers?

Silicon brought advent of second generation computers. A two state device termed as a transistor was created from silicon. Transistor was smaller, cheaper and dissipated less heat than vacuum tube however could be utilized in a same way to vacuum tubes. A transistor is termed as a solid state device as it's not created from metal glass capsule, wires and vacuum which were used in vacuum tubes. The transistors were discovered in 1947 and launched electronic revolution in 1950.

Though how do we characterize future generation of computers? The generations of computers are fundamentally differentiated by basic hardware technology. The advancement in technology led to large memory capacity, greater speed as well as smaller size in different generations. So second generation computers were more advanced in terms of ALU and CU than their counterparts of first generation and so computationally more powerful. On the software front at the same time employ of high level languages begun and developments were made for creating better Operating System and other system software.

One of the major computer series during this time was IBM 700 series. Every successful member of this series showed increased capacity and performance and reduced cost. In these series two major concepts I/O channels - an independent processor for I/O and Multiplexer - a useful routing device were used.

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