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Q. Describe about general-purpose microprocessor?

Keeping rapidity with electronics as more and more components were fabricated on a single chip fewer chips were required to make a single processor. Intel in 1971 attained breakthrough of putting all components on a single chip. The single chip processor is called as microprocessor. The Intel 4004 was first microprocessor. It was a primitive microprocessor intended for a particular application. Intel 8080 which came in 1974 was first general-purpose microprocessor. This microprocessor was destined to be used for writing programs which can be used for general purpose computing. It was an eight-bit microprocessor. Motorola is the other manufacturer in this field. At present 32 and 64 bit general-purpose microprocessors are already in market. Let's look into development of 2 most significant series of microprocessors.

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