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1. A shirt manufacturer buys cloth by the 100-yard roll from a supplier. For setting up a

control chart to manage the irregularities (e.g., loose threads and tears), the following data were collected from a sample provided by the supplier.

Sample 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0

Irregularities 3 5 2 6 5 4 6 3 4 5

a. Using these data, set up a c-chart with z 5 2.

b. Suppose the next five rolls from the supplier had three, two, five, three, and seven irregularities. Is the supplier process under control?

2. Resistors for electronic circuits are manufactured on a high-speed automated machine. The machine is set up to produce a large run of resistors of 1,000 ohms each. To set up the machine and to create a control chart to be used throughout the run, 15 samples were taken with four resistors in each sample. The complete list of samples and their measured values are as follows:

Sample Number Readings (in ohms)

1 1010 991 985 986
2 995 996 1009 994
3 990 1003 1015 1008
4 1015 1020 1009 998
5 1013 1019 1005 993
6 994 1001 994 1005
7 989 992 982 1020
8 1001 986 996 996
9 1006 989 1005 1007
10 992 1007 1006 979
11 996 1006 997 989
12 1019 996 991 1011
13 981 991 989 1003
14 999 993 988 984
15 1013 1002 1005 992

Develop an X-chart and an R-chart and plot the values. From the charts, what comments can you make about the process? (Use three-sigma control limits as in Exhibit 13.7.)

3. You are the newly appointed assistant administrator at a local hospital, and your first project is to investigate the quality of the patient meals put out by the food-service department. You conducted a 10-day survey by submitting a simple questionnaire to the 400 patients with each meal, asking that they simply check off that the meal was either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. For simplicity in this problem, assume that the response was 1,000 returned questionnaires from the 1,200 meals each day. The results are as follows:

Number of Unsatisfactory Meals Sample Size

December 1 74 1,000
December 2 42 1,000
December 3 64 1,000
December 4 80 1,000
December 5 40 1,000
December 6 50 1,000
December 7 65 1,000
December 8 70 1,000
December 9 40 1,000
December 10 75 1,000
600 10,000

a. Construct a p-chart based on the questionnaire results, using a confi dence interval of 95.5 percent, which is two standard deviations.

b. What comments can you make about the results of the survey?

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