Deletion of an element from the linear array, Data Structure & Algorithms

Program will demonstrate deletion of an element from the linear array

/* declaration of delete_list function */

voiddelete_list(list *, int);

/* definition of delete_list function*/

/* Position of the element is specified by the user & the element is deleted from the list*/

voiddelete_list(list *start, int position)


int temp = position;

printf("\n information ought to remove:%d",l->data[position]);

while( temp <= start->count-1)


start->data[temp] = start->data[temp+1];

temp ++;


start->count = start->count - 1 ;


/* main function */

void main()




printf("\ninput the position of element you want to get rid of:");

scanf("%d", &position); fflush(stdin); delete_list(&l, position); traverse(&l);


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