Define the term waste management, Business Management

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(i) Define the term waste management

(ii) You are requested to come up with a proposal for the management of solid wastes arising from a community living in an island. Given that land availability is scarce on the island , describe the different steps you would take to come up with the management plan for solid wastes

(iii) List 7 components of solid wastes that can be recycled and describe the uses of the recycled materials

(iv) Define the terms

(a) BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

(b) Facultative processes :

(c) Carbonaceous BOD removal:

(d) Bulking :

(v) Give 4 reasons why the BOD test is used

(vi) Give two reasons why wastewater characterisation are undertaken

(vii) Describe the four phases of growth in terms of bacterial numbers in a batch culture

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