Define the scheduling in multitasking, Operating System

Define the Scheduling in Multitasking

Earlier we learned the concepts and advantages of multitasking. In a system in which one or more tasks( threads or processes) attempt to share the resources of the CPU, some means of scheduling must be offered. Scheduling is just the operating system mechanism that arbitrates the CPU resource among the running tasks. In this topic, the word task denotes an entity ( process or thread) that can be scheduled. In several computer science texts, a task that can be scheduled is considered to as a job or process.

A major design principle of any operating system is the means of scheduling awaiting tasks. There are several  different algorithms for scheduling the CPU resources. In our evaluated platforms, the very common scheduling mechanism are either priority – based preemptive mode or a round- robin non-preemptive method. Another more traditional operating systems may use such scheduling algorithms as shortest- job-first or first- come- first served.

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