Define simple, compound, derived lipids, Biology

Define Simple, Compound, Derived Lipids?

Simple lipids are fatty acid esters of glycerol, called triacyglycerols or triglycerides (for e.g. fats and oils) or higher alcohols (for e.g. waxes). Triglycerides are the major form of lipids present in human dietaries. They are the major sources of fatty acids to the body.

Compound lipids are the simple lipids which combine with proteins (lipoproteins), carbohydrates (glycolipids), phosphates (phospholipids) etc.

Derived lipids refer to fatty acids, glycerol, cholesterol and other derived compounds including fat-soluble vitamins, hormones and bile. Man can synthesize cholesterol in the body but some amount also comes from the diet. Cholesterol is present only in foods of animal origin.


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