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Define Serial In - Serial Out Shift Registers?

An essential four-bit shift register can be constructed using four D flip-flops. The register is the first cleared forcing all four outputs to zero the input data is then applied sequentially to the D input of the first flip-flop on the left (FF0). All through each clock pulse one bit is transmitted from left to right. Suppose a data word to be 1001. The least significant bit (LSB) of the data has to be shifted through the register from FF0 to FF3.

1291_Serial In - Serial Out Shift Registers.png

In order to obtain the data out of the register they must be shifted out serially. This can be done non-destructively or destructively for destructive readout the original data is lost and at the end of the read cycle all flip-flops are reset to zero.

To evade the loss of data an arrangement for a non-destructive reading can be done by adding two AND gates an OR gate and an inverter to the system and the construction of this circuit is shown below.

69_Serial In - Serial Out Shift Registers 1.png

The data is loaded to a register when the control line is HIGH (that is WRITE). The data is able to be shifted out of the register when the control line is LOW (that is READ).

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