Define methods used to monitor supplier performance, Business Economics

Define methods which can be used to monitor supplier performance.

Methods to monitor supplier performance are as follows:

a. Approval of designs: The organisation comments on, its studies and at last approves designs, requirements, drawings and so many.

b. Progress meetings: These must be regular and/or tied to the completion of important deliverables.

c. Witnessing tests: To check which subcontracted products meet their design requirements.

d. Receipt of goods: Properly checking goods received to make sure that they are what were ordered, in the correct quantity and quality.

e. Checking invoices: To make sure that they are in accordance along with contracts and purchase orders and which the goods or services invoiced for have been given.

f. Risk management: Check onto how the subcontractor manages risk and assessing some risks which could impact onto the organisation or chief contractor.

g. Managing the customer interface: making sure that customers only talk to subcontractors by the organisation or major contractor.

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