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Q. Define General Purpose Register Architecture?

General Purpose Register (GPR) Architecture: A register is a word of internal memory similar to the accumulator. GPR architecture is an extension of the accumulator idea it implies that use a set of general-purpose registers thatshould be explicitly named by instruction. Registers can be used for anything either holding operands for operations or temporary intermediate values. Dominant architectures are PDP-11, IBM 370 and all (RISC)Reduced Instant Set Computer machines etc. Major instruction set characteristic whether an ALU instruction has two or more operands splits GPR architectures:

'C = A + B'may be implemented on both architectures as:

      Register - Memory                      Load/Store through Registers

      LOAD R1, A                                LOAD R1, A

      ADD R1, B                                   LOAD R2, B

      STORE C, R1                               ADD R3, R1, R2

     STORE C, R3

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