Define cam - application of computers in manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering

Define Cam - Application of Computers in Manufacturing

  • CAM can be simply defied as "the application of computers in manufacturing." Most elaborately, CAM refers to the use of computers in the control of production machines and ancillary operations, for process optimization and control, process planning, process management, materials management, material movement, production scheduling and monitoring etc.
  • Numerical control can be considered as the beginning of CAM.


i. Process Planning: - Process selection, Process design, process parameters, group technology, NC parts programming tool and fixture design, quality control.

ii. Processing: - Manufacturing of parts; sensing and corrective action; storing, moving and handling of materials, parts, tooling, jigs and fixtures; and assembly.

iii. Production Planning and Control: - Routing, scheduling, follow up, machine load monitoring, inventory, purchasing, receiving, maintenance, quality assurance. Thus, CAM centers around four main areas: NC, Process planning, Robotics and factory management.

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