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Define biomaterial and an implant and state their role in general

Biomaterial : A pharmacologically inert material that is capable of interacting with a living organism without causing adverse reactions either at the site of the implant or across the whole organism.

An "implant" is defined as "A medical device made from one or more biomaterials that is intentionally placed within the body, either totally or partially buried beneath an epithelial surface".

Biomaterials plays a major role in replacing or improving the function of every major body system  (skeletal, circulatory,etc.). Some common implants includeorthopedic devices such as total knee and hip joint replacements, spinal implants, and bone fixtures; cardiac implants such as artificial heart valves and pacemakers; soft tissue implants such as breast implants and injectable collagen for  softtissue augmentation; and dental implants to replace teeth/root systems and materials to augment bony tissue in the oral cavity.


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