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This question refers to the database Schema. Express the following queries in SQL:

(a) List the First Name, Last Name and telephone number of all employees who were hired in the year 1995.

(b) List all details of employee who is not managed by any employee.

(c) List full details of all employees who draw a salary between 10,000 and 18,000 and whose manager_id is either 100 or 101.

(d) List the Last Name and First Name of all employees who is a president (job_id is SA_PRES) OR a sales representative (job_id is SA_REP) AND who earns more than 15000.

(e) List the Last Name, First Name, salary and Annual Salary of all employees who do not get any commission. Display your result in descending order of the annual salary.

(f) List the First Name, Last Name, Salary, commission_pct and a column called special which will display the special features for those employee with the following condition:

- If the commission_pct value is not null, it is shown.
- If the commission_pct value is null, then the salary is shown
- If the commission_pct and salary is null, then the value 10 is shown.

(g) List the Last Name, job_id, department_id, department name for all employees who work in Toronto.

(h) List the employee last name, and employee number along with their manager's last name and manager number. Label the column Employee, Emp#, manager Mgr#, respectively.

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