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Q. Show the Criteria for Implant Success as given by Albrektsson?

Criteria for Implant Success as given by Albrektsson are:

1. An individual unattached implant is immobile when tested clinically

2. A radiograph does not demonstrate any evidence of peri implant radiolucency

3. Vertical bone loss is less than 0.2 mm annually following the implant's first year of service

4. Individual implant performance is characterized by an absence of persistent and/or irreversible signs and symptoms such as pain, infection, neuropathies, paresthesia or violation of mandibular canal

5. In the context of above, a success rate of 85% at the end of a 5 year observation period and 80% at the end of a 10 year period are the minimum criteria for success.

It is important to understand that these criteria are for the overall success of the implant and the prosthesis over a longer period of time and will be discussed in the unit of success criteria and maintenance of implants. However at this stage of evaluating the implants prior to Stage II the following criteria apply.

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