Creating a view-data control, Database Management System

Creating a view:

  • A query can be embedded within the CREATE VIEW STATEMENT
  • A query can have complex select statements containing join, groups and sub- queries
  • A query that describes the view cannot contain an order by clause.
  • DML operation (delete/ add / modify) cannot be applied if the view have any of the following:


Delete (You can't delete if view contains following)

Modify (you cannot modify if view contains following)

Insert (you cannot insert if view contains following)

  • Group functions
  • A group by clause
  • A distinct keyword
  • Group functions
  • A group by clause
  • A distinct keyword
  • Columns defined by


  • Group functions
  • A group by clause
  • A distinct keyword
  • Columns defined by


  • There are Not Null Columns in the base tables that are not selected by view.

Example:  Create a view named employee salary having minimum, maximum and average salary for every department.





To view the result of the command above you can give the following command:


You may get some sample output like:

NAME   MINSAL          MAXSA                 AVG                    SAL

--------------         ---------                ---------         -------------

ACCOUNTING            1300                      5000           2916.6667

RESEARCH                 800                      3000               2175

SALES                      950                      2850           1566.6667

To view the structure of the view so created, the command is given below:


Name                                                 Null?                   Type

---------------                                   ------------   ---------------------

NAME                                                VARCHAR2           (14)

MINSAL                                               NUMBER

MAXSAL                                              NUMBER

AVGSAL                                              NUMBER


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