Create a web page from which customers can order equipment, Computer Engineering

Q. Create a Web page from which customers can order equipment?

Suppose your boss wants you to create a Web page from which customers can order computer equipment. You need to collect customer's name, phone number, address, age, credit card information and what customer wants to order.



<TITLE>ComputoRama Order Form</TITLE>






<TD ROWSPAN="2">Who Are You?</TD>

<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="FirstName" SIZE=2Ø></TD>

<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="MiddleInitial" SIZE=1></TD>

<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="LastName" SIZE=2Ø></TD>

<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Age" SIZE=3></TD>



<TD><FONT SIZE="-2">First Name</FONT></TD>


<TD><FONT SIZE="-2">Last Name></TD>

<TD><FONT SIZE="-2">Age</TD>



<TD ROWSPAN="3">How Do We Contact You?</TD>


name="StreetAddress" rows=2 cols=3Ø></TEXTAREA></TD>



<TD COLSPAN="2">City: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="City"


<TD COLSPAN="2">State: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME= "State"




<TD COLSPAN="2">ZIP Code: <INPUT TYPE="text"



<TD COLSPAN="2">Daytime Phone

(<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Phone1" SIZE=3>)

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Phone2" SIZE=3>-

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Phone3" SIZE=4></TD>



<TD>Credit Card

<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="CreditCardType" VALUE="Visa"


<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="CreditCardType"



<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="CreditCardNumber1" SIZE=4>

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="CreditCardNumber2" SIZE=4>

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="CreditCardNumber3" SIZE=4>

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="CreditCardNumber4"


<TD COLSPAN="2">Expiration Date:

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ExpirationMonth" SIZE=2>/

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ExpirationYear" SIZE=2></TD>







<OPTION> High Res Monitor <OPTION> Low Res Monitor

<OPTION> Deluxe Keyboard <OPTION> Regular Keyboard

<OPTION> Laser Printer <OPTION> Inkjet Printer <OPTION>

Dot Matrix Printer

<OPTION> Mouse <OPTION> Trackball

<OPTION> Scanner





<H1>Thank You For Your Order!</H1>





<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Ship It!"> <INPUT TYPE="reset"

VALUE="Clear Entries">





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