Create a super mario brothers game application, MATLAB Programming

Create a Super Mario Brothers game in Matlab. The lines of codes do not matter. But, The requirements are:


Modular design and implementation

Algorithm documented inline as comments

Library functions

Use standard library functions for purposes other than I/O

Programmer-defined functions

Create functions to implement logical modules of your program

Be sure that they use parameters and that they return values

Abstraction: Data structures


Use vectors (other than for strings)

Use matrices (other than for strings)

Secondary storage (disk files)

Read data from files into your program's data structures

Write data from your data structures to disk


creation / concatenation: array building, sprintf()

truncation; parsing; searching



Allow the user to repeat the program

Eliminate all MATLAB warnings and error messages

Code is general and allows flexibility in execution


Indent all code neatly and uniformly

Credit all assistance and borrowed code

Whitespace used to enhance readability

Program control

Conditionals Loops



IF and SWITCH options should not be repetitious - if the options are all doing essentially the same thing, move that code to outside of the conditional.

Data processing

Running totals Array-building

Sorting Searching

Random numbers

User Interface

Command window

Input (strings and numbers)

Formatted output (format strings, format modifiers, escape sequences)

Dialog boxes

Plotting: Cartesian coordinates and/or polar coordinates

Multiple data sets, single plot

Pay attention to these:


Make your program flexible. Let the user be able to add options instead of only pre-defining them. For example, if you are making an expense tracker, don't just give a fixed set of expense categories - store the values in a file so that they can be expanded without impacting the program. This also ties in with the next item:

Allow the user to contribute

Can you write the program so that the user can add/change/delete data items? The first module to be written is usually that which allows the user to add to the data file. For example, a test generator is a possible project; a test generator where the user can also add and delete questions is a better project.

Avoid excessive hardcoding

If you have a large number of hard-coded assignment statements then you have excessive hardcoding. Use data files to contain the hardcoded information. [If you wonder if you have too many hard-coded values - you do.]

Avoid long program files and functions

A function or program that has more than about 200 lines should probably be broken into more functions, especially if there is significant repetition - this implies the need of a loop or a function.

Use parameters

If you are writing multiple functions which perform essentially the same task, you need to reduce to a single function with a parameter.

Reasonable use

Using a feature from the assignment list (above) must make sense. For example, don't concatenate some strings just to satisfy the requirement - the task must make sense for your project. You will not receive credit for "fluff".

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