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You are to create a banner advertisement for the 20th annual Europe Music Awards to be held in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on the 10th November 10, 2013.

The advert should draw attention to:
• the event itself
• the venue
• and the date

The advert should also mention some of the show's host(s) and live acts. (Students are free to choose/invent whichever live shows and host(s) they want.)

Additional Criteria:

• Students are free to use pre-existing artwork for any necessary logos, pictures etc
• The advertisement should contain at least one tween.
• The advert should be between 10 and 20 seconds long.
• The advert should have a frame rate of 20fps.
• The Advertisement should conform to one of the following sizes:
o Banner: 468 x 60
o Leaderboard: 728 x 90
o Square: 250 x 250
o Small square: 200 x 200
o Large rectangle: 336 x 280
o Skyscraper: 120 x 600
• The project should be handed up on a CD/DVD/USB.
• The CD/DVD/USB should be clearly laid out with support material contained in a separated folder and all components clearly labelled.
• The CD/DVD/USB should contain the original .fla file(s), as well as the published .swf file(s)

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