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some clarificationon how to compute closing stock and openning stock using marginal costing technique and absorption.

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How the NHS might le.., how the NHS might use ABC to (a) produce ‘product c...

how the NHS might use ABC to (a) produce ‘product costs’ for services, and to (b) evaluate the internal efficiency, quality and profitability per product or service line. Both bene

Cost profit volume analysis, COST PROFIT VOLUME ANALYSIS Cost profit vo...

COST PROFIT VOLUME ANALYSIS Cost profit volume (CVP) analysis is an essential tool for profit planning. It can be explained  as - ' a managerial tool showing the relationship a

Financial statement issues that are unique to manufacturers, Financial Stat...

Financial Statement Issues that are Unique to Manufacturers Different from the retailers, manufacturers have three exclusive inventory category: 1) Raw Materials, 2)Work in

Alternative to total overhead variances, Alternative to Total Overhead Vari...

Alternative to Total Overhead Variances There is an easier approach to overhead variances.  In this approach, the overheads are NOT sub-divided into their fixed and variable e

Cost unit, explain various type of cost ccounting

explain various type of cost ccounting

Manufacturing concern to organization, Manufacturing Concern to Organizatio...

Manufacturing Concern to Organization There are three manufacturing centres as Making, Packing and Finishing.  These are supported through five support departments, namely Mai

General ledger, Jp Rhodes started a bowling club called " bowl them over". ...

Jp Rhodes started a bowling club called " bowl them over". The following transactions took place 4 March 2012. 1. Bowling LTD transferred R20 000 bank account of the club as an in

Calculate the nonvalue-added cost per unit, Question Roseville, Ltd., s...

Question Roseville, Ltd., sells one of its products for $500 each. Sales volume averages 1,000 units per year. Recently, its main competitor priced their competing product at 1

The average cost of production, Distinguish between,     (i)  short-run ...

Distinguish between,     (i)  short-run variable costs & long-run variable costs, and give an example of each one;   (ii)  the marginal cost &  the average cost of production

Direct labour efficiency variances, Direct Labour Efficiency Variances ...

Direct Labour Efficiency Variances It is the difference between the standard hours allowed for the actual production achieved and the hours actually worked, all valued at THE

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