Construct a .net wrapper for a c++, DOT NET Programming

Construct a .NET wrapper for a C++ Dll - repost

Project Description:

We have a classic VC++ Dll (source code of DLL not required) that requires a .NET wrapper built by you. Use latest Visual Studio and .Net framework should be used to build the wrapper. We will use the wrapper to interface and make calls to the DLL and it shall interact with our MS VS 2012 app.

The wrapper could be built using any MS Visual Studio tool (if possible VB.NET, or C# in MS VS 2012)

All the source code related to this prepared by you will be owned by us and provided to us

Provide a timeline and milestones.

The DLL related docs are given below. We shall also give additional release notes on it to the winning party. Also, the testing device maybe made available to you remotely.

Skills required:

.NET, C++ Programming, C# Programming, Visual Basic

Posted Date: 1/25/2014 5:43:49 AM | Location : United States

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