Construct a cumulative relative frequency plot, Basic Statistics

Examine the distributions of weight and height. Are there any outliers? If so deal with them appropriately.

Create a new variable that divides weight into groups. Produce a table showing the frequency distribution and cumulative relative frequency distribution of the new grouped variable. Produce a histogram of weight to illustrate this frequency distribution and comment on the histogram.

Construct a cumulative relative frequency plot (by hand or otherwise) of the new variable and use it to estimate the median weight. Why may this estimate differ from the median of the recorded values for weight? Which estimate would be preferred and why?

(b) (i) The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that adults eat 2 or more serves of fruit each day. What percentage of students usually eat 2 or more serves of fruit each day?

(ii) Construct a two-way table to show within each sex (male vs female), the number and percentage of students who eat 2 or more serves of fruit each day versus those who eat less than 2 serves of fruit each day.

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