Consider the effect of the filter - amplitude and phase, Physics

1. You now pass the signal + interference through a 2-section 1.0 kHz low pass filter with a rolloff of 40 dB/decade. Make a plot of the waveform of the filter output over the time period 0 to 4 msec. (Consider the effect of the filter on both the amplitude and phase of the signals.)

Attention for 2-section 1.0 kHz low pass filter: |Vout/Vin|=1/(1+ ω2 R2 C2 ) , f(-3dB)=1000Hz, ω (-3dB)=6280(1/s), at 3dB frequency, |Vout/Vin|2 = ½ (-3dB). You should find your RC first and calculate the gain for the two components of signals respectively.

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