Compute act and the total cost of the system, Software Engineering

a) Define Annual Change Traffic (ACT) and Annual Maintenance Effort (AME) of Boehm model.

b) For a software system of 90 KLOC, 5KLOC of code was added. The initial development cost was Rupees 8 lakhs with a total KLOC of 50. Total lifetime for the software is 10 years. Compute ACT and the total cost of the system.

Ans: a) Boehm proposed a formula for estimating maintenance costs as part of his COCOMO model. He utilized a quantity called Annual Change Traffic (ACT) which is defined as: The fraction of a software product's source instructions which undergo change during a year either through addition deletion or modification ACT is defined as

ACT = (KLOC added + KLOC deleted) / KLOC total

(Annual Maintenance Effort)

AME is defined as ACT X SDE

where SDE is the software development effort in man-months]

ACT: Annual Change Traffic.

b) ACT = ( 5 ) / 50 = 0.10

Development cost = Rs. 8 lakhs.

Life time = 10 years

Total cost = development cost + 10 * (development cost * 0.10)

= 8 + 10 * .8 = 16 lakhs

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