Components included in the reseach proposal, Operation Research

Components Included in the Proposal

In case the proposal is addressed to the funding agencies, the qualifications of the key project personnel for study should be described. The research competencies of the director and other team members for research are given major consideration in evaluating the proposal. The number of people involved in research with responsibilities should be described.

The proposal must document the specific facilities required will be available during study. Physiologic instruments, libraries, data processing equipment, computers, special documents or records will be available as planned. The willingness of institution where the study to be conducted to allocate the space equipment, services or data should be indicated.

The budget translates the project activities into monetary terms. It is a statement of how much money will be required for the research. A well planned budget will facilitate the various tasks. If there is difficulty in detailing financial needs, it indicates that work plan is insufficiently developed.

Proposal Preparation
Important points relevant for researcher will help to minimize the anxiety and Illustration that often accompany the preparation of a proposal.

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