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Compatibility Condition:

Total strain in steel = Total strain in copper

i.e. 3 × 10-4 + 1.965 × 10-5 Ps  = 4.5 × 10-4 + 1.8421 × 10-5 Pc

Recognising that Pc = - Ps, and dividing both sides by 10-5, we get

30 + 1.965 Ps = 45 - 1.8421 Ps

or        Ps = 45 - 30/ (1.965 + 1.8421) = 3.94 kN

∴          Stress in steel = 3.94 × 1000/ (π/4) × 182  = 15.5 N/mm2

∴          Stress in copper = - 3.94 × 1000/ (π /4)(302 - 182) = - 8.71 N/mm2

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