Comparing tablet personal computers with personal computer, Operation Research


The use of "Tablet Personal Computers" such as HP's TouchPad and Apple's iPad has been increasing over the past several years. Task: Using a web browser and quality, recent printed resources, research and provide your own answers to the following points:

1) What is a tablet computer?

2) Describe two different types of tablet computers available.

3) For either tablet computers and laptops or tablet computers and desktop computers, explain and compare the following: (You may wish to create table as part of your answer).

a) The various components of these computers and the interaction of these components, paying special attention to the following:

i) Distinguish between the different input, output, storage and communication devices used.

ii) Determine if there is any difference between semi-permanent storage (e.g. hard disk drive or flash memory) and RAM for both computer types.

iii) Differentiate between application and system software for both types of computers.

4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a tablet computer?

5) What is the future for tablet computers? In your answer, refer to the following:

a) How tablet computers are changing the way we do things.

b) Security issues such as physical theft, hacking and theft of data.

c) The social, ethical and privacy issues relating to the use of tablet computers.

d) Can tablet computers replace laptops or smart phones? Provide evidence to support your position.


Your research report for Computer Studies is an individual effort. This report will require a significant amount of work, and will require effort over an extended time and distribution of workload across the next few weeks.  If you have problems in doing this assignment, seek early help from your teacher.

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